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Moths Count aims to raise awareness of moths and encourage moth recording throughout the UK and to establish an ongoing recording scheme for the 900+ species of larger (macro-) moths.

The initial phase of Moths Count is a four-year project (2006-2010) with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and other bodies. It is a partnership project, led by Butterfly Conservation, involving a wide range of national and local organisations, government agencies, businesses and many individual moth recorders.

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You can find out all about the project and its progress in this section of the website.

Moths Count is working to:

  • Develop a broad base of expertise by recruiting, training and encouraging new recorders, and supporting existing moth recorders and recording groups/networks.
  • Encourage a greater appreciation and enthusiasm for moths among the wider public, including politicians, policy makers and the media.
  • Run the newly established National Moth Recording Scheme and create a comprehensive, accurate and accessible database showing the distributions of the UK's larger moths.
  • Contribute to the long-term conservation of moths by making available the data needed to implement effective conservation policies and action at the local, regional, national and international levels by members of the public, communities, and public, private and charitable sector organisations (e.g. by shaping policy, informing decisions and contributing to public awareness and scientific knowledge).