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Project partners


Moths Count is a partnership of many organisations, individuals and businesses, led by Butterfly Conservation.

Principal funders include the The Redwing Trust, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Royal Entomological Society, Scottish Natural Heritage, Forest Services, Forestry Commission England and many other individuals and partners.

Atropos plays an important role as the originator and co-organiser of Moth Night and the Biological Records Centre (part of the NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) kindly developed and host the online recording system for Moth Night.

The establishment of the Moths Count project and National Moth Recording Scheme was possible as a result of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, British Entomological and Natural History Society, City Bridge Trust, the Country Agencies, Environment Agency, Royal Entomological Society and RSPB. Many Butterfly Conservation Branches also made generous financial contributions.

Many other organisations were involved, providing support and helping to host events, including The 1989 Willan Charitable Trust, Amateur Entomologists' Society, C James Cadbury Trust, Center Parcs, D'Oyly Carte Charitable Trust, Glamorgan Moth Recorders Group, John Spedan Lewis Foundation, National Trust, National Trust for Scotland, Natural History Museum, Royal Parks, Snowdonia National Park Authority, Sussex Moth Group, Yorkshire Naturalists' Union and Zoological Society of London.


Business Friends of the Moths Count project include:


Nectar Creative Watkins and Doncaster


Project partners:


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