moths are great! (Julie Stoneman)

Moth recording in Europe


All of the macro-moth species that occur in Britain and Ireland, also occur in other parts of Europe. This doesn’t lessen the importance of recording and conserving moths here. However, there is an added interest in putting the trends of moths in the UK into a wider context.

Crimson Speckled (Robert Thompson)Are the declines of moths recorded here replicated in other European countries? Which moth species might colonise our islands with ongoing climate change? For which species does the UK have internationally important populations?

There are many moths in other parts of Europe that have never been recorded in the UK, so moth recording in other countries can be very exciting, although laws and attitudes to recording and taking specimens may be very different.

Although there are moth recorders across Europe, few other countries have an organised moth recording scheme. One pan-European initiative is European Moth Night.